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About Us

This piece of heaven is located in Sumadija. We have found it and now we share it with you.

Your pace of life with a bunch of obligations and short deadlines requires quality holiday where you can recharge your batteries and be ready to embrace new challenges..

That is why we here in Leušići have made this picturesque ethno village. How about  the perfect start of the day… You sleep very well and then you are woken up by the mild sun. The view from the terrace has only awakened Serbia. And from the hills of Sumadija you think you are in the middle of Tuscany. Then breakfast. Still hot bread from the furnace and homemade cream cheese with thinly sliced prosciutto, which lures you by the smell of smoke.

Here, you should take a deep breath. You are far from the exhaust gas and fresh mountain air will be a real boon for your body. Then join us in exploring Sumadija’s nature. In walking through the woods and meadows that stunned by the scent of wild mint and thyme … You know how after the long walks you always remember some fresh cold water. This water springs near us. Almost everywhere, there are  refreshing cold springs that will bring you back to life …

What can you do here?

Rajski Konaci are an ideal place for family, as well as for an active vacation.

Family holiday

Read your favorite book on the lazy bag in a quiet courtyard surrounded by wooden houses with colorful windows. Breathe fresh air and feel the smell of various flowers from our garden. Or play football with your kids on the freshly cut grass in the spacious yard, and behind you is a view of the endless green hills of Sumadija...

Active holidays

You walk through the woods and pastures, and around you is endless countryside and its surrounding mountains which visually melt one into another. On that way, there are springs with invigorating cold water and chirping birds, farm of sheep and cows, and then in the middle of this untouched nature emerges a church. And when you are tired from walking, get into the pool in the neighboring village located 10 minutes away...


Are you tired of the office? Magical nature of Sumadija will inspire you. Fresh air will clear your mind for a flood of new ideas. Choose your own workplace - courtyard, terrace, living room with a huge desk... You always think better when you are satiated, and our cooks will take care of it, and for extra inspiration you can get a glass of homemade brandy...


This Sumadija’s village was first mentioned in 1718. The household of the family Jevtovic was built by the same architects who built Drvengrad, on Mecavnik.


Our household was declared the most beautiful in Serbia by the Tourist Organization of Serbia in 2010 and won the award “Tourist flower”.


Our spacious garden is adorned with colorful flowers and trees, which have been proclaimed the most beautiful in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac in 2006, and two years before that.


Once this was a place that held together large family Jevtović and now the door of our household is open for our guests, as well.